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Signature Transfers intend to have a Passenger Carrying Agreement with companies such Airlines, Cruise Companies, Hotels, Corporate Travel Agency, Event Organizers, Government agencies and Ministries, for the purpose of ground movement of their passengers when they disembark at the airport, to serve as a continuation of their carriage to their final destination and back to the airport of departure upon completion of their visit.

This lofty idea of this tailored-made airport transfer services is for our partners seeks to meet windows of pick-up and delivery times which is critical in displaying their quality of services. What this means is that while our partners are packaging a journey for their clients from their base, their responsibility or service do not necessarily end with the client’s arrival at the airport, but goes further to ensure the clients arrives safely at their final destination.


  • Safety and timeliness are guaranteed.
  • Bulk Purchase will reduce cost for our partners and therefore offer better value for money.
  • It will serves as a source of additional income for the partnering company from the marked–up charges that will apply.
  • One-stop shop for travel requirements.
  • Customer Loyalty – we believe the more services are offered as part of the package, the more the customer loyalty will be increased, which in increased Customer Loyalty.
  • Increased Customer base – naturally this will also increase marketing values of our partner’s travel packages to new clients.

Provision of dedicated call centre booking system to facilitate the efficiency of direct booking. This will enable tracking of all jobs in progress and to view logs of all booked Transfers by our partners

Licensed We are licensed by the PCO (Public Carriage Office) which is the governing body that regulates the activities of private hire industry in the UK . The PCO warns the public to use only licensed private car hire. The sticker is displayed on all our vehicle’s windscreens, and can be easily seen even at night.

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